Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today's thoughts: Champagne and Bunny Ears

Here’s what I hate: False Invitations.

When people invite you but are hoping you will not accept. Or it is unspoken, but well understood, that you will not accept. Or the worst of all: you’d very much like to accept, but you are not able. And they are well aware that you are not able. Then the insult to injury is when the false invitation is used as a support pole for their little pup tent of righteousness. A rhetorical question asked for the sole purpose of allowing a future, “Well, I invited you”.

Here’s what I love: Champagne.

It’s the bubbles. And It has to be dry, delicate, and very softly golden. I do so love a glass of champagne. Or a bottle, depending. On whether or not the bottle is available.

Here’s what’s great about being 2 years old: Wearing Bunny Ears.

My 2 year old little girl started preschool a couple mornings a week. One morning she brought out a pair of bunny ears and said she wanted to wear them to school. I thought it was a fine idea, although I never thought they would stay on past the car ride there. But when I came to pick her up 3 hours later, as I spied in the window, there she sat at her tiny table in her tiny chair, coloring. With bunny ears still perched on her blonde little head. Wonderful stuff that.