Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My husband told me one morning..
Him: I had the most frustrating dream last night.
Me: What was it?  Work stuff?
Him: No. I was in charge of getting Britney Spears across the desert on a camel.  And it was a nightmare because she was a complete idiot.
Me:  Were you on a camel too?
Him:  No, just her.  I was leading.  But she was so whiny and uncoordinated and I was like "Just get your ass on the camel!"

Hate those Britney-frustration-camel-dreams. :P

And here's something else from last week.

Does this seem a little weird?  At all?

A pupusa huh.  And they're not even serving them, they are "servig" them.  I guess that's what they do to papusas down in El Salvador.

And I always question the 24 hour thing, just as a business strategy.  Early Wednesday, still night, 3 AM: is there a hungry crowd looking for donut holes and papusas?  I'm probably just wasting my life, sleeping, while the papusa party train is rolling down at Winchell's.

That's all.  Just checking really.  :)