Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sad as a Robbed House

I know I've reached some ultimate level of something-ness by posting not just my own poetry on the internet, but my 8 year old's poetry. But seriously...I could only hope to write something this cool.

So with great maternal pride I present Happy Sad, by my son Cole. It was a second grade writing assignment to write about your feelings.

Happy Sad

I'm as Sad as a dried up river,
I'm as Sad as a robbed house,
I'm as Sad as a rotten egg,
I'm as Sad as a chopped down tree.
I'm as Happy as a warm fire,
I'm as Happy as a very rich man,
I'm as Happy as cole ice cream,
I'm as Happy as a played game,
I'm as Happy as completed homework.

That's how I feel.