Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

I was looking at a computer page about bat facts. Specifically the fact that "blind as a bat" is a misnomer. And I was listening to Sam talk on the phone about big numbers. Business type stuff. And then I was struck. Lost my breath, on the verge of something amazing for a split second. And then it was gone.

Deja Vu. I just had one right this minute. A big one. Because they do vary in size. Or is it depth? Or is it strength? Or is it some combination measurement of place and time? And I thought maybe if I blogged very quickly I could retain a tiny shred of that feeling that washes over you the moment it occurs. That feeling of significance, strangeness, being close to the discovery of something heretofore unknown in our normal tiny sphere of thought. But the meaning of the moment and that unique brand of disorientation quickly dissolves. Not unlike a dream only remembered for moments after waking. That is not a coincidence I'm sure.

Deja Vu. What the hell is it really? I remember from a college course on learning and memory that Deja Vu is possibly a new neural pathway trying to form but getting sidetracked into the memory area of your brain. A new piece of information accidentally processed as a memory.

Very neat and tidy. Makes sense. But what about that feeling? And why am I so sure that I dreamed it. Dreamed it and remembered it? About a month ago I think. And I'm almost sure I tried to tell Sam as we were waking up. Because it was so comical. A bat fact. Why were you looking at a bat fact? I have no idea, but I was and you were having a serious discussion with someone right next to me.

That's the trick, see. If only you could tell someone or write it down. Then you would know for sure. Not a sidetracked neural pathway. Something far more interesting. But that would change everything wouldn't it? So it couldn't possibly be true.

After 3 minutes of blogging I have returned to my baseline level of orientation. In nursing we don't say "normal", we say "baseline". It's all relative to how oriented one was to begin with .
Psychic revelation safely averted. Time to return to my bat fact. Due in kindergarten class at 9am tomorrow.

Did you know that the common brown bat can live for over 30 years? It's true.