Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello? Destiny Calling.

I was trying to place the cordless phone into it's upright holder on the counter. And it slipped out of my hands. I caught it just before it slid off the counter into an inconvenient crevice between the counter and the hutch. I tried to place it in the holder again and the stand tipped over. The phone headed again for that crack next to the counter. Third time, similar results. Finally I gripped the phone in both hands, committing a ridiculous amount of concentration to this tiny task, and placed the phone gingerly, yet securely, on the base. Then held my hands there for moment to make sure it wasn't going to tip over. And slide toward the crack.

Because that is obviously where the phone wanted to go. I knew with a flash of intuition into the murky workings of the universe that the phone was trying to fulfill its destiny.

I know...AND I'm clumsy. But still. Haven't you had that moment before, when you know no matter how you go about something there is one almost inescapable outcome? Destiny, but not in the sense of any LIFE ALTERING PURPOSE. Something to do with the time continuum I think. More like karmic momentum. The phone has always fallen into the crack at that moment for last 10,000 times that this moment has played itself out and it will do so again unless something unusual happens. Such as gripping the phone like an idiot and expending a ridiculous amount of mental energy to force the phone to stay out of the crack. Or I could have gone the other way. I think grabbing the phone and smashing it to bits on the floor would have altered the course of the future as well.

But then my husband would be all, "What the hell happened to our phone?" And I've have to try to explain about how I was altering destiny by smashing our cordless phone. And then he'd sigh and give me the look.

Which is the main reason why I didn't smash the phone on the floor. I didn't want to get the look. But I DID challenge destiny today, so that's pretty cool.