Monday, February 16, 2009

I Hate Illogical Arguers

A discussion based on facts is so easily resolved. This is tiring. She doesn't have a leg to stand on and we both know it.

Don't we?

She chatters on with her points, such as they are, seemingly confident in her assertions. Logic so skewed...where does one even begin to rebut?

"The whole premise of your argument is fatally flawed. I hope you realize that," I manage to wedge into her filibuster.

She frowns and continues on, undeterred. Chattering away like a chipmunk. Absurd really. But then, as I give my best disapproving look and struggle to get in a word, I can actually feel the momentum turning against me. Ridiculous!

Panicking, I hear myself blurt out, "Because I'm the Mommy that's why!" I cringe. She turns on her heel, declaring victory. I throw out one last barb, a blatant ad hominem attack, "Don't forget Miss Sassafrass, you are only 3 years old. You are not in charge."

She sends a look back over her shoulder. Is that pity I see in her eyes? And her expression clearly says, "Oh really Mommy? We'll just see about that."